Ready, Set, Act!

I think a common characteristic with millennials is that we have a desire to change things, make our situation better, enjoy life more, soak up knowledge and have experiences. We are inundated with content from a barrage of websites, blogs and social media sites sharing insights from worlds we love and worlds we want to be a part of. I subscribe to no less than 5 different categories of blogs: marketing, fitness/weight loss, home decorating, work industry-related, celebrity and local, among others. It’s quick to fall into a giant time suck of interesting things because there is so.much.content. We get inspired, have ideas, get creative.

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By swimming in this ocean of content, I wonder if we’re going to get drowned. How much time do we spend thinking instead of doing?

I was out at lunch yesterday and had a fleeting idea for a website. I took out my Droid Incredible and used an app to buy the domain in less than 2 minutes. When I got home from work, I was pontificating (aka talking to myself) about when I would have time to work on a new project. How many new projects have I wanted to start that I didn’t? Time, money, resources – they’re all reasons I haven’t started. I started my weight loss blog and efforts over a year and a half ago and now think it’s silly that I used time as an excuse. What can we eliminate from our lives that is sucking our time? What do we do if there truly IS no time (which very well might be true if you’re working full time, have a family, or have already started a project or two)? Do we give up our ideas?

“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” ~Thomas Edison

My fear is that we become a generation of dreamers, but not doers.

How are you navigating the pool of ideas versus time, money, etc. to ACT on your ideas?


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